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31 Mar

The Easter Egg, Re-Imagined

We have a special guest blogger for today’s post, Jennifer Lutz, craft enthusiast and interior design writer for Christmas Tree Market. Jennifer shared with SMP Craft how to celebrate Easter with unconventional style; instead of stopping at dyed eggs, create an Easter Tree adorned with unique ornamental eggs using unexpected materials!

Cute and Crafty Easter Trees A beautiful and meaningful part of Easter festivities, an Easter tree is commonly made with bare tree branches adorned with colorful eggs, a traditional symbol of life and renewal. This year, make your Easter tree more delightful and unique by displaying decorative eggs made of string, fabric, and other creative materials.

Felted Easter Eggs If you think using real eggs for Easter decorating is messy or uneconomical, creating felted Easter eggs is a great option. The “wet” method for felting eggs requires packing the wool-wrapped eggs in a nylon legging and placing them in the washing machine. This project from Pamela Susan uses the “dry” felting technique which allows you to make more precise and elaborate designs on the eggs. All you need are Styrofoam eggs, colorful wool roving, and felting needles to create these fuzzy and delightful additions to your family’s Easter celebration. Attach ribbons on the eggs for hanging on the Easter tree or simply display them in a white decorative bowl or glass vase.

String Easter Eggs Making string art ornaments is simple and enjoyable, and the results are fascinating. As demonstrated in Crafty Endeavor, this project requires inflating a number of small water balloons. Next, take embroidery floss, pearl cotton thread, or crochet thread and dampen it with multi-purpose glue or a mixture of liquid starch and flour. For the next step, wrap the string around the balloon to form a latticework. When the string has dried, pop the balloon and remove it carefully. Make your string eggs more fun and fancy by combining different colors of string, adding glitter, or placing a small toy or treat inside the balloon before wrapping it in string.

Pompom Easter Eggs Soft, pillowy pompoms are perfect for adding cheer and warmth to your Easter tree. Take a pair of scissors and some yarn, and follow the simple steps provided in the Country Chic Cottage. You’ll be rolling out fluffy pompom eggs in no time. Getting the egg shape is simply a matter of cutting off less of the yarn in the middle and more on the top and bottom. Use a needle and some thread to form a loop at the top of the egg pompom for hanging on your Easter tree. To keep these yarn eggs company on your tree’s branches, follow this video tutorial and use store-bought pompoms, googly eyes, and craft glue to make adorable pompom bunnies and chicks.

Scrap Fabric Easter Eggs Turn leftover fabric into attractive and inexpensive Easter tree décor with this easy project from Dwell on Joy. Cut scrap or Jelly Roll fabric into thin strips, and hot glue the strips onto plastic eggs. Make sure the fabric strips go in different directions. For hanging on your Easter tree, hot glue a strip of fabric to form a loop on top of the egg. These colorful and rustic pieces also look great draped across the mantel as a garland strung on a length of twine, piled together in a bone china bowl, or scattered around your dining table during Easter brunch.

Flower Easter Eggs Easter means spring is nearly in full bloom. Try this crafting idea from At the Picket Fence and celebrate the beauty of the season by decorating your holiday tree with flower Easter eggs. For this project, you will need faux flowers, foam eggs, some ribbon, and your trusty hot glue gun. Begin by clipping the flowers off the stems and attaching them to the foam eggs with hot glue. Work around the egg until it is completely covered, and make sure to arrange the flowers close together. Glue a length of ribbon onto the top and hang your lovely flower eggs on the branches of your tree. Really pretty!

Cookie Easter Tree With charming bunnies, carrots, and heart shapes, this endearing Easter tree from Sweetopia looks too sweet to simply eat. This cookie Easter tree features cute shortbread cookies hung with baby pink ribbons on a pale green wire ornament tree. Cookies
Photo by Dana Robinson via Flickr.

If cutting the dough into complex shapes with a paring knife takes a bit too much time, cut out basic egg shapes instead. Before baking, use a barbecue skewer to make a good-sized hole in the dough where the ribbon will thread through. Decorate your mini cookies with a rainbow of pastel-colored royal icing to create one of the most memorable Easter trees ever.

Peeps Easter Centerpiece More of an Easter treat than an Easter tree, this centerpiece from The Hungry Mouse uses cute Peeps chicks to form a bright and bouncy topiary. Peeps
Photo by Hey Paul Studios via flickr.

Chicks are another beloved symbol of new life, and this topiary will need about six to seven boxes worth of soft, marshmallow hatchlings. Get your children to help with this project and make a colorful tabletop piece your family will enjoy seeing and eating. Another Easter decorating idea is to reuse your tabletop Christmas tree and decorate it with your DIY Easter eggs. That way, you save up on time putting branches together, and you get an Easter tree that’s more contemporary. Celebrate Easter in unconventional and inspiring style by decorating your home with these simple and easy-to-make Easter-inspired ornaments.

Jennifer Lutz writes about home décor at Google+ Twitter Christmas Tree Market: Facebook; Twitter


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