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29 Jul

How to Tuesday: Colored Pencil Vase

Now that July is coming to an end I decided I better put away my Christmas tree switch out my 4th of July table centerpiece for something new. When browsing various websites I came across this Colored Pencil Vase. Being that this vase was found in a list for kids’ crafts I had a feeling my handy dandy glue gun and I could handle it. The hardest part of this craft was deciding which colors to use and how to arrange them. So grab those rogue colored pencils you’ve been hiding in your junk drawer and get craftin’!



– colored pencils (I used 42 for a vase that had a circumference of 4.5″.)
– rubber band
– glass vase or jar (Make sure to choose one that is smaller than the pencils so no vase shows. I used this one from Michaels.)
– glue gun
– pencil sharpener (optional)
– ribbon (optional)



Arrange your colors



1. Wrap the rubber band around your vase. Place the pencils between the rubber band and vase in the order you want them to be glued. Tip: Try to use colored pencils that don’t have any markings and/or price tags. I struggled to arrange the pencils without a little painted price tag or engraved brand name showing.

2. Once you have the pencils arranged and your glue gun is heated up, it’s time to start glueing. Take off the rubber band and work around the vase one pencil at a time. I found it was helpful to keep the bottom of the pencil on the table (the part that won’t be glued to the vase) and pull it away from the vase creating a 45° angle. Add a thin line of glue to the pencil and bring it to the vase and hold for a few seconds.

  hold pencil  finished product

That’s it! Only two steps. Couldn’t be easier. Add some flowers, wrap a ribbon around that bad boy, and call it a day!

My favorite thing about this craft is there are lots of ways to make this your own design. I chose colors that matched my tablecloth and did my best to make a pattern out of the colors I had bought. If that kind of thing makes your eye twitch then choose all one color or forget the pattern and put the pencils where you please. Another way to change up the pencils’ appearance is to sharpen them. Bonus points if you make them varying lengths! Halfway through my vase I realized it would look cool if I had tilted the pencils a bit, but I’ll save that for next time! Speaking of next time…who wants a homemade vase for their birthday/anniversary/Christmas present?

finished product w flowers

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