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30 Apr

SMP Craft Celebrates Earth Day!

Here at SMP Craft we are all about sustainability, and re-using products in order to make really cute and fun crafts. This craft takes advantage all of the left over books (sad, we know) and cardboard we have lying around. It is really simple, and can really personalize a room- or even your office!

Small paper cups
Hot glue gun
ARC Pages, cut into strips (1.5-2” wide)
Mod Podge

Step 1. Trace your block letter onto cardboard. Make sure to make the letter as wide as a small paper cup. Make 2 for each letter.

Step 2. Carefully cut out the letters. Using a box cutter works best, but be careful!

Step 3. Place small paper cups (bottom side up) on one of your letters. Hot glue in place. Let dry. If you want to be extra sure the cup is stable, use thin strips of packing tape to secure it to the bottom letter.

Step 4. Hot glue your other letter cut-out to the top of the cups. Again, you can use small amounts of packing tape. Just be sure that it goes straight from the cup to the cardboard with no gaps.

(optional) Step 5.  This step you can skip if you’re short on cardboard, but we recommend it! Cut the cardboard into strips to close the gaps between the top and bottom letters. You can use packing tape for this as well. If you have a lot of curve to your letter, like a C or an S, use paper tape in small strips to tape your top letter and bottom letter together. Take small sponge and dip lightly into water; the tape needs water to adhere. Cover with two layers to add stability.

Step 6. Once dry, tear ARC pages into thick strips.

Step 7. Put a layer of Mod Podge on the back of a strip and on the letter’s surface. Place the strip on the Mod Podged surface. Using one strip at a time, wrap the letter in strips. Do first layer only.

Step 8. Wait 15 minutes for Mod Podge to dry.

Step 9. Add a second layer of ARC strips to your letter using Mod Podge.

Step 10. Let it dry.

Step 11. Add finishing touches such as some paint or even glitter!

hotglue cups     wrap strip     finished l


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