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30 Sep

How-To Tuesday: Make Your Own Label and Sweeten Your Life!

It’s my pleasure to introduce Kim Harrison… our guest blogger this week.

By day, Kim’s COO of Simon Sinek, Inc. By night (and often weekends) she transforms into… SUPER CRAFTER! Kim sews, crochets, and knits–quilts, blankets, afghans, aprons, plush baby toys, bags to hold liquor flasks… and she promises to share her projects with us throughout the year (yippee!) which means we have some fun cool crafts and insight to look forward to!

For this post, she encourages us to sweeten our lives by adding personal LABELS to our homemade projects. YES!

photo 3

Here’s how:

For years I talked about learning how to sew. I had some basic skills my mom and grandmother taught me, but didn’t really know how to do a project from scratch. About five years ago I received two amazing gifts for my birthday.  My boyfriend got me a sewing machine and my mom got me a serger.  This was the year I really began to experience the magic of crafting. I didn’t really have a choice! When you live in New York City, everything in your apartment has to be used and these two machines took up quite a bit of room. I couldn’t justify keeping anything that I don’t really use.

I currently spend two to ten hours a week working on sewing projects. Mainly gifts for people I love.  A few years ago my best friend Lissa suggested I make my own label for my projects.  It seemed like a silly idea being as though I don’t sell my wares, but I explored it with her anyway.  We came up with the idea that hand made gifts “sweeten your life” just a bit. We were working with a “sweeten your life” theme when one day she called me and said ‘Dab of Honey. A little honey just makes everything better.” I loved it!  We decided it would be our collective label.  Lissa isn’t much of a crafter, but she helps me pick fabrics, choose projects, and is the receiver of many of my homemade gifts.

I gotta admit, having my own little label makes a project feel polished.  It’s a nice little touch and I feel a great deal of pride when I see something I made at a friends house featuring this little tag. They are very inexpensive to produce and make a very special addition to any sewing 4A few tips:

1) Spend some time brainstorming about what theme or images inspire you. photo 1

2) Doodle away even if you don’t consider yourself good at drawing. The clearer you are on what you want, the cheaper and faster the design turnaround will be. If you don’t have a friend who is a designer (which I fortunately did), I suggest using one of the amazing design websites out there to help find someone, like photo 2

3) There are countless options for labels. I ordered 100 labels made with satin/polyester for about $20. If you google “printed garment labels” or “fabric tag labels” you can explore fabrics, sizes and colors. Etsy has some fantastic options. I plan to use inkaprint for my next print run.

Make your own label. Sweeten your life!
Dab of Honey

For your serging needs, we think you’ll find Julia Hincks’ The Serger’s Technique Bible: The Complete Guide to Serging and Decorative Stitching incredibly useful.

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