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6 Oct

Author of the Month: Molly Goodall of Wild Things to Sew and Wear

Hello, Molly Goodall. WELCOME!


Molly Goodall, photo by Hoyoung Lee

This month, we sit down for a Q&A with Molly Goodall, artist, designer, creator of the unique children’s clothing brand, Little Goodall, and author of Wild Things to Sew and Wear. Originally from North Carolina, Molly earned her BFA in fashion design from Parsons School of Design in 1997, where she became focused on children’s wear. She then worked as a toy designer in New York before deciding “it would be more fun to be an artist” and moved to North Texas, where she, her husband, and son currently live.


1. What’s your craft?

I design and sew unique children’s clothing.

lion front etsy  SweetheartOwlHatCheekyGreenDinosaur




[The original Ferocious Felt Lion Coat, Sweetheart Owl Hat, and Cheeky Green Dinosaur Coat pictured above are among an incredible collection of children’s playwear, animal-themed coats, dresses, and accessories (and a few adult sized coats under the label “Mrs.Goodall”)–all handmade in North Texas–at the Little Goodall online shop. Founded in 2010, Little Goodall grew out of the original Ferocious Felt Lion Coat, which Molly designed and made to inspire her then two-year-old son who refused to wear the hoods on his coats.]

2. What project would you consider an all-time best?

It’s usually the one I’ve just finished! This year I reworked two of my first designs; a lion coat and an owl coat. I made them from more luxurious fabrics, added removable hoods and several other details so they could be more versatile. Part of the process I enjoy the most is seeing how garments wear and what children like best about them, and then figuring our how to make them even more special.

3. What project would you consider an all-time worst?

Once, when I was about 17 I decided to make my dress to wear to a cotillion dance. I found a lovely and feminine rose print chiffon and a pattern which was all cut on the bias. I hadn’t had any experience sewing with the tricky chiffon, and I chose a lining which was not compatible. I ended up in tears the night before the party, with an ill fitting puckered disaster of a dress which wasn’t even finished. Needless to say there was an emergency shopping trip the next day to find a suitable dress.

4. What tool or material could you not live without?

My iron! It makes everything look finished, helps construct 3-D shapes when sewing, and revives tired looking fabrics. A garment which is pressed throughout construction is much more professional looking than one which is pressed only after finishing. I am a big fan of pressing thoroughly and often.

5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Making time more elastic. I always misjudge how long something will take me, so if I could stretch time out when needed it would definitely be super. Most days could use an extra hour here or there, whether for finishing a project or just catching up on sleep.

To learn more, visit Molly’s blog and the Little Goodall company website at

Interested in sewing something a little wild for your little one? First: WARNING: These are simple, bold, and playful clothes that your child may never ever want to take off.


In Wild Things to Sew and Wear Molly expertly guides you through the creation of 15 adorable children’s garments and accessories in the shape of woodland animals, wild animals, and farm animals, including a lion or fox coat, an owl hat, a leopard skirt, kitten mittens, and more. The book includes easy-to-follow patterns to suit all sewing levels, from beginner through advanced, a comprehensive techniques section that shows how to lay out the pattern pieces on the fabric, transfer markings, and cut with confidence, and as an added bonus, a pattern CD is also included!


Buy Wild Things to Sew and Wear at your favorite bookseller:

Barnes & Noble

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