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20 Jun

The Secret to Making Your Father’s Day Gift Super Special

This Father’s Day, probably the best gift to show Dad how special and loved he is, is to spend more time with him, participate in his hobbies, and help him with household chores and big projects since what dads really want is time and attention from the people they care most about.

For many of us, we can’t actually be physically present to make this happen. But we can still keep this in mind and show thoughtfulness and care in the gift we give.

Whether you’re donating money under his name to a cause he feels strongly about, or helping him manage that wild beard with a membership to the Dollar Shave Club, ordaining him Top Chef with a new Global or Henckels or Shun Chef Knife, or signing him up for the Custom Golf Clubs he’s been (not-so-secretly) coveting–what will REALLY show Dad how special he is?

What’s the secret?

Finish the gift with a follow-up that shows up a few days or even a week or two later, something personal and handmade that shows him that your appreciation for him goes beyond one national holiday.

This one simple act will bring a smile to his face and resonate long after Father’s Day. Why? He won’t know it’s coming. It’s unexpected. A wonderful surprise.

Admittedly, it’s not a secret really but a reminder to look beyond what’s immediately in front of us and find ways to act meaningfully.

You probably have some ideas of your own as a follow-up to your Father’s Day gift. But if you need a little guidance, we have a few suggestions. Just a few since the point is to really think about YOUR father.

Each of these takes less than an hour to accomplish:

Send him a handmade post card. Even if he lives next door. It can go with the theme of your gift, or be a picture of you and him together, or stenciled with his favorite saying or phrase. Don’t forget to convey the message: Wish you were here!

Here’s the postcard I made to send to my stepdad, a former pilot. He got me into flying and it’s a subject the two of us have killed considerable hours talking about.


Show ongoing support. Wish him luck on a project–career or personal–that he’s battling. Buy seven or 30 $1 scratch-off lottery tickets. Wrap each in a sticky note labeled for each day of the week. Instruct him to scratch one ticket every day. He’ll have at least one thing to look forward to every day, a fun moment of distraction. If you want, fold an origami crane, a symbol of luck and fortune, and send everything in a cool origami box. Click here for instructions on making the box. And if you’re feeling ambitious, click here for some instruction on making moveable origami.

Did you know you can make a custom iPhone Case in less than an hour? Acknowledge his hobbies or favorite pastimes or TV show, or use a funny phrase he’d appreciate like: Will Trade Wife for Whiskey to accessorize his phone. The Cheese Thief shows us how.



Crafty Morning had a terrific idea. Even if your dad doesn’t grill, this spatula with a personalized message using the phrase Flippin’ is simply brilliant as a summertime gift.


If you still need more ideas, check out our post from last week–10 Beer Bottle Crafts to make with empty beer bottles and caps.

But whatever you decide on, always keep in mind the age-old adage: It’s the thought that counts.

Happy Father’s Day (and after)!

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29 Jul

How to Tuesday: Colored Pencil Vase

Now that July is coming to an end I decided I better put away my Christmas tree switch out my 4th of July table centerpiece for something new. When browsing various websites I came across this Colored Pencil Vase. Being that this vase was found in a list for kids’ crafts I had a feeling my handy dandy glue gun and I could handle it. The hardest part of this craft was deciding which colors to use and how to arrange them. So grab those rogue colored pencils you’ve been hiding in your junk drawer and get craftin’!



– colored pencils (I used 42 for a vase that had a circumference of 4.5″.)
– rubber band
– glass vase or jar (Make sure to choose one that is smaller than the pencils so no vase shows. I used this one from Michaels.)
– glue gun
– pencil sharpener (optional)
– ribbon (optional)



Arrange your colors



1. Wrap the rubber band around your vase. Place the pencils between the rubber band and vase in the order you want them to be glued. Tip: Try to use colored pencils that don’t have any markings and/or price tags. I struggled to arrange the pencils without a little painted price tag or engraved brand name showing.

2. Once you have the pencils arranged and your glue gun is heated up, it’s time to start glueing. Take off the rubber band and work around the vase one pencil at a time. I found it was helpful to keep the bottom of the pencil on the table (the part that won’t be glued to the vase) and pull it away from the vase creating a 45° angle. Add a thin line of glue to the pencil and bring it to the vase and hold for a few seconds.

  hold pencil  finished product

That’s it! Only two steps. Couldn’t be easier. Add some flowers, wrap a ribbon around that bad boy, and call it a day!

My favorite thing about this craft is there are lots of ways to make this your own design. I chose colors that matched my tablecloth and did my best to make a pattern out of the colors I had bought. If that kind of thing makes your eye twitch then choose all one color or forget the pattern and put the pencils where you please. Another way to change up the pencils’ appearance is to sharpen them. Bonus points if you make them varying lengths! Halfway through my vase I realized it would look cool if I had tilted the pencils a bit, but I’ll save that for next time! Speaking of next time…who wants a homemade vase for their birthday/anniversary/Christmas present?

finished product w flowers

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19 Mar

How To Make an Origami Bookmark

I’m the kind of reader that hates dog-earing a page on a book or highlighting a quote, or any kind writing of in a book that’s not the original text, period. I am always collecting bookmarks every time I visit a new book store or anywhere I go. So when we were thinking of something quick and easy to make for one of our How-To’s, we thought of making a fun bookmark!

We came across this quick and easy tutorial on Origami Tutorials, and knew we’d hit the jackpot!

A bookmark that marks your place AND saves your corners from curling?

It was too good to be true. However, look at how well they turned out.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 5 photo 4 photo 1 photo 4 photo 1

(For the complete steps and instructions visit Origami Tutorials.)

Best part about it is that you can make as many as you’d like over and over again.


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1 Feb

Freebie Friday: Micro-Macramé

Today’s official FREEBIE DOWNLOAD is a micro-macramé bracelet.

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away! Whether you consider this a good or bad thing (we’re torn here in the office!), these beautiful bracelets are fun and fairly simple to make. It’s a great gift idea for those jewelry lovers in your life. Get a head start on a gift for your mother, daughter, best friend, co-worker… anyone!


Micro-macrame cover

Barnes & Noble
Powell’s Books



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CAUGHT CRAFTING: SMPCraft’s Spotlight on NYC Crafting

SMPCRAFT #CAUGHTCRAFTING Thursday morning, Astoria, Queens. Accessorizing with a lovely temporary floral tattoo she learned to make from DIY Temporary Tattoos: Draw It, Print It, Ink It by Pepper Baldwin!



Father's Day is less than three weeks away -- Sunday, June 19th in the U.S. -- just enough time to start prepping for what would make dear old pops feel loved....What dad, what MAN, wouldn't want to get a bright red tool box full of homemade BBQ, bacon, and chili flavored chocolate? Or a handmade Paracord hammock? Does he play golf?--hand dipped tees? Does he like to hike? Enjoy nature and the great outdoors? How about homemade beef jerky? Or does he enjoy watching sports--Remote Control Cookie? What about beer? One of the coolest new items coming out of Japan is a Frozen Beer Slushy Maker by Kirin Ichiban that perfectly pairs with the DIY black and tan soap! Scroll and click for more homemade DIY Father's Day gift ideas sure to make pappy happy! Hashtag #SMPCRAFT #DIYFATHERSDAY!

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