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22 Aug

Freebie Friday: Stencil It!

For this Freebie Friday we decided to mix it up a bit. Instead of a pattern or project download, we’ve given you some FREE TIPS on using paint and a stencil brush from Stencil It so you can get started on your next design project immediately!

stencil 1   stencil 2    stencil 3

stencil it

There are lots of ways to customize your home: paint, new furniture, fancy home decor items from those fancy catalogs you never seem to ask for…but by far, one of the most expressive—and least expensive—is stenciling. Did you know stencils have been used for centuries to decorate interiors? It has come a long way these past few centuries! Helen Morris, founder of The Stencil Library, has kept stenciling a popular craft by developing numerous designs, styles, and techniques. (She’s even stenciled on glass, mirror, concrete, and even plaster.) Stencil It shows 101 ways to stencil in your home. From lamp shades to walls and even furniture, you’ll learn how to achieve new decorative schemes by using various configurations and color combinations to create a range of dramatically different looks. Stencil It comes with 15 specially-designed stencils to help you turn your entire home into a blank canvas.

Ready to start? Buy your book now!

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7 comments on “Freebie Friday: Stencil It!
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  2. That’s going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

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  4. Heh, funny list. I won’t be getting my husband any of the things I walk past and think “Ooh, he’d like that.” because I bought him Arnette sunnies, I think that’s enough money to spend on one person this year.(Sorry I’m a week late!)

  5. All praise, Jaco, for citing Eagleton, who is always a good read. But my admiration for him has been dampened somewhat by:1.His fierce, unrelenting hostility to post-modernism. (This being at least once reason our Zdenekv should rather like Terry.)2.His recent and very enthusiastic embrace of a rather damp, flaccid version of Catholicism. Very troubling.

  6. You’re exactly right. There are a LOT of options for indie authors to get their books in print–Createspace, Lightning Source, and Lulu come to mind. I believe most booksellers will accept Lightning Source, and libraries can order a book through Createspace. Looking forward to your post about advertising–that’s something that’s always seemed nebulous to me.

  7. The Video is not running in my computer. When we run the video the curcle dots are just tuning continously and it does'nt starts the video. And in the new beta version it shows that every video is not available..

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