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15 Oct

How-To Tuesday: Recycled Sweater Craft DIY Pillow Project

Pretty much every fall – anticipating an absolutely freezing, terrifying long NYC winter – I pull out my favorite sweaters from the previous season and survey them with dismay and despair.  Why is it that only my favorite sweaters are the ones that get stained, stretched and pill-y?  And why is it that only the itchy, too-hot, boring ones stay perfect forever?

Here’s a BRILLIANT idea for how to recycle that favorite, super cozy, old sweater than just happens to have a hole in the elbow, or a stain across the chest… PILLOW COVERS!  Take an old pillow and cut your sweater in a rectangle large enough to fit around the pillow (or two smaller squares/rectangles).  Sew your new pillow cover around the old pillow OR use buttons to add a flap so you can remove & wash your sweater pillow cover.

Sweater Pillow by Jessica Lewis (Flickr: J*Lewis)

Sweater Pillow by Jessica Lewis (Flickr: J*Lewis)

This project (photo by seems so easy and so great for getting cozy on the couch with your favorite craft project or book during the long, cold winter.  I know exactly what sweater I’ll use and I’ll stop back in a few days and show you how mine turned out!

I got the idea from this overwhelmingly long list of recycled sweater craft ideas at Squidoo; I’m also interested in trying the felted sweater hearts, the chair cover and the super-easy mittens!  So many great ideas!

If you try this – or any of the other – recycled sweater projects, please share your photos with us on Twitter or Facebook!

– Sarah

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