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3 Dec

Crafts, Cocktails, and Laughs at Industry City Distillery: 12/19!

SMPCraft just got the inside scoop on a Crafternoon event happening on Saturday, December 19, at Industry City Distillery in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, complete with drink specials. And it’s followed by a comedy show. And they’re both FREE!


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To join Crafternoon, please RSVP to Nina’s Facebook invite:

Though don’t be deterred by the RSVP. It’s appreciated but not a prerequisite for entry if you’re able to come at the last minute.

WHEN: Saturday, December 19. 4pm – 8:30pm. All drinks are 1/2 off before 6pm. After 6pm, drinks are $1 off. There’s also a tasting menu if you get hungry. Comedy show starts at 9pm.

WHERE: City Industry Distillery’s Tasting Room and Bar, 33 35th Street, Fl 6, Brooklyn, NYC, 11232. (718) 305-6951.

Industry City Distillery, part of the City Foundry Project, is one of the most innovative distilleries in New York. Their vodka, which is distilled from sugar beets, is the result of an onsite laboratory, full machine shop, and letterpress studio–all designed and built in Brooklyn by their collective of self proclaimed nerds!

For Crafternoon, you’re highly encouraged to bring your own materials for your projects. There will be a limited supply of various crafting materials and tools such as origami paper, yarn, a few craft books (origami, macrame, sewing, knitting and crochet). There may be a sewing machine. There’s also a Micro Center around the corner from the space where you can pick up makery/hackery type objects before you come.

While Nina will likely be crocheting or quilting (and playing with the distillery’s resident cat Ambassador Scratchy), Nina’s interpretation of “crafts” is intentionally loose. During Crafternoon, feel free to craft the next chapter of your novel, draw a portrait, even design a game! This is the perfect place and time to let your creative side loose. Finish knitting that neglected scarf! Make holiday presents! One thing, if your project has the potential to get messy, as in needing a tarp messy, contact Nina ahead of time so she can clear it with the distillery.

Ah. And if anyone can make the arduino board for/teach Nina to make this pulsing iNecklace, you’ll probably have a friend for life. Zac Bruner, the machinist at ICD has offered to make the casing, if only we can figure out the insides! For the full how-to, including source code and hardware, click the image (


iNecklace via adafruit

Last, anyone who’s interested in the backend of the distillery can sign up for the Saturday “Hard Hat” Distillery tour at 3pm. It lasts about an hour. Costs $5. Space is limited.


Sign up for the “Hard Hat” Distillery Tour

For more on Crafternoon, go to the Facebook event page here:

And here’s more about the free Captains of Industry Comedy Show that starts at 9pm:


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8 Oct

Simple Sustainable Kitchen Crafts: Make a Wine Cork Trivet and a Monogrammed Kitchen Towel

There’s nothing like a legitimate reason, i.e., excuse, for the healthy number of bottles of wine passing through my apartment these past months: My mother’s birthday is in November. I’ve been doing this for her. For the trivet I’m making out of wine corks and a hose clamp to protect her tabletop from scalding pots and pans!

My mother’s a big recycler. She’ll appreciate both the gesture and the rationale behind the gift: saving money, making instead of buying, reuse, repurpose, and don’t waste.

9-inch Wine Cork Trivet: First, collect 50 to 60 natural wine bottle corks. Make sure to avoid synthetic corks; they’re not heat resistant. Purchase a stainless steel hose clamp from the hardware store or online. Hose clamps are adjustable and come in varying sizes–a pair of 12-inch diameter hose clamps can be purchased for under $15. Next, with a flathead screwdriver and a ruler, adjust your clamp to a 9-inch diameter.

Hose Clamp Wine Corks

Tridon Hose Clamp and Natural Wine Bottle Corks

Next, with the hose clamp laying flat, place the corks, starting from the outer rim and working your way in toward the center. You’ll need to use some elbow grease when arranging the corks so that they fit snuggly. Use a book to flatten the corks. Tighten the clamp further. And finally, cut the excess metal.

wine cork hot pot trivet

Natural wine corks and a hose clamp = Wine Cork Trivet!

To make the monogrammed kitchen towel + gift wrapper, I used scrap white cotton cloth and two iron-ons–a simple flower and my mother’s initial “A” from the book SUKI Iron-Ons by Darrell Gibbs and Julia Gibbs. Alternatively, you can also handwrite an initial or hand draw a flower or design on the towel using a colored Sharpie Pen!

suki iron ons

SUKI Iron-Ons by Darrell Gibbs and Julia Gibbs


Iron-On Flower from SUKI

TA-DA!  Here’s the Wine Cork Trivet all wrapped up in a reusable monogrammed kitchen towel wrapper and ready to go!

Iron-on kitchen napkin - SUKI

Iron-on Monogrammed Kitchen Towel Gift Wrapper


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12 Jan

Author of the Month: Marisa Edghill, author of Washi Style!

WELCOME, Marisa Edghill!

Marisa Edghill

Marisa Edghill

This month, we sit down with Marisa Edghill, craft designer, washi tape aficionado, and author of Washi Style!: Make it with paper tape. Marisa grew up in a house filled with glitter, pretty paper, and an inherent love of craft. Which is to say her love of all things handmade started early! Well-known for her washi tape creations, Marisa blogs about her crafty adventures online at


1. What’s your craft?
This is actually a tough one for me! I’m a craft dabbler–I love making (or at least trying to make) all sorts of things. That being said, I’m probably best known for paper craft–especially projects using washi tape and origami paper. Washi Tape Cuties New 2



2. What project would you consider an all-time best?
I’ve just wrapped up my 2014 creative project, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with it at the moment. The Kirigami Project was a year-long exploration in kirigami papercutting. I spent a great deal of time in 2014 surrounded by piles of paper cuttings and wouldn’t change a thing about that! As a bonus, I teamed up with a fantastic graphic designer, Geri Jewitt, and we released a new design weekly plus provided monthly printable templates.

kirigami glam 8

3. What project would you consider an all-time worst?
A sleeveless ribbed funnel neck sweater knit out of brown acrylic yarn. Without a pattern. So many poor choices there! I never actually wore it though, so I guess that’s a good thing!

4. What tool or material could you not live without?
Washi tape! I really do use it for everything whether it is a tape-based project, to mark a seam allowance on my sewing machine or to seal a package in the kitchen. I keep a roll (or 3) in my purse in case of tape emergencies. It’s definitely my favourite muliti-tasker. My sister summed it up the other day by saying “I don’t know what I did before washi tape came into my life.”jan15 tape combos 3

5. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Teleportation. I love to see and discover new places–but I’m not a fan of the actual logistics of getting from point A to point B. How amazing would it be to start your day eating pineapple for breakfast in Hawaii with an ocean view, then wander the cobblestone streets of Florence, popping into a gallery or two (and a gelato shop or three), and still get to sleep in your own bed. Amazing!

Here are some other random things about me…

I was born in Barbados and raised in Canada. After university, I moved to Japan (on a bit of a whim) where I fell in love with the country (and the Brazilian boy I married on a humid Japanese summer day in a humid Japanese city hall). Now we live in an old house in a small town on the southern shores of Georgian Bay and dream that the snow drifts outside are really beach dunes. (Teleportation would be a great asset during the long Canadian winter!)

Follow Marisa Edghill at: | | | | | Instagram/omiyage_ca




Order Washi Style at your favorite bookseller!


Barnes & Noble
Powell’s Books

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9 Dec

HOW TO TUESDAY: Drop Cloth Tablecloth

Cue the Christmas music! ‘Tis the season to give and here’s a really simple and easy, quick-to-make, personal present idea. I was scouring Pinterest, admit it, you do it as well – you’re probably doing it right now! – and I came across this drop cloth table cloth idea from Blue Cricket Design and I had to make one. All you need is a drop cloth, size of your choosing – preferably one that fits the table you’re making it for, and some sharpies. Our How-To today is probably my favorite one ever!

Step 1: Acquire a drop cloth the size of your table. Cut and hem, if needed.

Step 2 (optional): If you’re like me you’ll want to iron out any creases or wrinkles.


Picture courtesy of Blue Cricket Design

Step 3: If you’re being brave and want to start work on the table cloth on the table itself, you’ll need to put down some newspapers to avoid the ink from seeping onto the table. I chickened out and did it on the floor.

Table Cloth Mitali

Step 4: Begin writing the words on the cloth. There’s no method to it but I like to start in the middle and fan out. It’d also be helpful to make a list beforehand of all the words that you’d like to write out.

Table Cloth 1

Step 5: Voila! A few hours later you’ll have a table cloth full of words and phrases that mean something to you.

Table cloth 2

Here are some of my favorites that I included above: I studied abroad in Florence, love Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, Barbie is throwback to my childhood obsession with collecting the dolls and who doesn’t love pizza? Can you spot some of them?

I took a moment to look over and check for spelling errors and the almost blunders I avoided while making it and realized how fun it had been. All the words now had more meaning once I started associating them with the making of  this table cloth. It’s something you can make with anyone, friend, coworker, sibling or parents!

Happy Holidays, friends! Let us know what you’re looking forward to most this season. And don’t forget to check back for more including our Freebie Friday this week!

New in December & January!


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5 Mar

Short & Sweet Q & A with Notable Crafter Cat Thomas


We caught up with Cat Thomas, trained textile artist, who has a new book out, 50 Pincushions to Knit & Crochet: Stash Your Sharps in Something Cute and Handmade. For most of Cat’s career, she taught art and design. Now, she’s producing her own designs selling under the name of Baban Cat on sites such as Etsy and Folksy and shares her crafting experiences on her Baban Cat blog.

Coronet pincushion crown with beads Flower brooch, cabbageLetter L embroidery hoop






Cat, what’s your craft?

I knit, crochet and sew. I studied Textile Art so I’ve done a bit of everything in the past. When the children were young I made their dresses and knitwear.


What project would you consider an all-time best?



My all time best is an organic cotton blanket. It was crocheted using 80 sunburst motifs and finished with a lovely scalloped edging. I had intended to make it as a cushion cover but got carried away. It now has a lovely new home in Hong Kong.



What project would you consider an all-time worst?

We all have disasters. Most of mine have been undone and the yarn used for different projects. My first granny square blanket using white organic cotton had the rounds joined in the wrong place. Unnoticable when you’re working but the moment I held it up there was a distinct gap that ran diagonally up one side. Even after blocking it could still be seen. Live and learn!

What tool or material could you not live without?

Reading glasses! Such close work needs to be seen. I can’t do a thing without my glasses.


What’s your hidden talent?

It’s so well hidden I’m not sure it’s there. I’m good at gardening. I grafted a rose that was my father’s favourite so now I have the pleasure of the original and a back up in case anything happens to it.

Learn more about Cat Thomas, her craft, and process at Baban Cat. Her book, 50 Pincushions to Knit & Crochet: Stash Your Sharps in Something Cute and Handmade is available now for purchase here:

50 Pincushions cover


Barnes & Noble
Powell’s Books


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CAUGHT CRAFTING: SMPCraft’s Spotlight on NYC Crafting

SMPCRAFT #CAUGHTCRAFTING Thursday morning, Astoria, Queens. Accessorizing with a lovely temporary floral tattoo she learned to make from DIY Temporary Tattoos: Draw It, Print It, Ink It by Pepper Baldwin!



Father's Day is less than three weeks away -- Sunday, June 19th in the U.S. -- just enough time to start prepping for what would make dear old pops feel loved....What dad, what MAN, wouldn't want to get a bright red tool box full of homemade BBQ, bacon, and chili flavored chocolate? Or a handmade Paracord hammock? Does he play golf?--hand dipped tees? Does he like to hike? Enjoy nature and the great outdoors? How about homemade beef jerky? Or does he enjoy watching sports--Remote Control Cookie? What about beer? One of the coolest new items coming out of Japan is a Frozen Beer Slushy Maker by Kirin Ichiban that perfectly pairs with the DIY black and tan soap! Scroll and click for more homemade DIY Father's Day gift ideas sure to make pappy happy! Hashtag #SMPCRAFT #DIYFATHERSDAY!

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