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5 Feb

Upscale Downhome GAME DAY: Recipes and Party Ideas for your Super Bowl Party!

Last minute SUPER BOWL SUNDAY party?

Whether you’re hosting or a guest needing to bring something for the potluck…


TODAY, February 5th, before 5pm EST, pre-order Rachel Hollis’ Upscale Downhome: Family Recipes All Gussied Up and you’ll get an exclusive digital copy of Upscale Downhome Gameday, which includes five recipes perfect for your Super Bowl party, as well as some great Super Bowl party planning ideas! Three of the recipes inside are from the cookbook, which goes on sale in October, which means you’re getting a sneak peek before anyone else. Two of them are totally new and not available anywhere but in this cool download!

Upscale Downhome features recipes that are “a mix of my down-home roots and the upscale presentation I’ve learned from living in Los Angeles for the last fifteen years,” Rachel reveals. “This book is a perfect testament to my life long love affair with food. It has the sugar cookie recipe my mom made me as a child, the chicken and dumplings I craved while pregnant. It has the turkey chili recipe which was the first dish I perfected as a newlywed. And the cocktail I drank in my early twenties… it’s the story of my life, as told in food. Upscale Downhome is filled with casseroles, slow cooker recipes, desserts, drinks and there’s even an entire section on dishes you can make with the leftovers from the recipes in other chapters!”

Remember, once you pre-order, go to this page to retrieve your Upscale Downhome Game Day mini-cookbook!


Barnes & Noble

Broncos? Panthers?

Whichever team you’re rooting for…


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8 Dec

Happy National Brownie Day: 7 Ways to Make Reindeer Brownies!

Who needs an excuse to make brownies? Today’s your lucky day.

Make some brownies. Make some reindeer brownies. Eat some. Then spread holiday cheer and share with friends and coworkers. Do it! Do it! It’s National Brownie Day!

Brownie Reindeer Recipe via tastefullysimple

Rudolf Brownie Cupcakes via Pillsbury

Reindeer Brownies via Taste of Home

Christmas Reindeer Brownie Balls via chocoley

Reindeer Brownie Bites (No-Bake) via plainchicken

Christmas Cheer Reindeer Bite-Size Brownie via Wilton

Easy to Make Reindeer Brownies via eatingonadime

Easy to Make Reindeer Brownies via eatingonadime

Interested in continuing the edible creations adventure? Cookies? How about this gorgeous gift-worthy cookie “jewelry” box? The project is FREE TO DOWNLOAD (click here or the image) and comes from 50 Deliciously Decorative Cookies: Easy-to-Make Cookie Creations by Fiona Pearce.

CLICK to download for FREE the Cookie “Jewelry Box”

Find 50 Deliciously Decorative Cookies at your favorite bookseller:

Barnes & Noble



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10 Nov

EDIBLE CRAFTS: Star Chocolate Covered Black Velvet Cookies… Brushed with Edible Gold!!!

YEAH BABY! as Austin Powers would say.


@moni_o_matic Black Velvet Star-shaped Cut-out Cookie recipe from The Sweetapolita Bake Shop

We’re over the moon and stars about our Editorial Director, Monique’s, passion and ridiculous talent for creating beautiful homemade handcrafted sinfully delicious baked treats.

I asked Monique (on instagram as @moni_o_matic) how she made the star cookies. She used the Black Velvet star-shaped cut-out recipe from The Sweetapolita Bake Shop by Rosie Alyea. I did some quick digging and discovered that Rosie has, in addition to her book, a shop on Etsy where you can purchase colorful edible decorations to fancy-up your edible creations! Monique, of course, being the artisan that she is, added her Moni_O_Matic Mojo to Rosie’s recipe, covering the cookies with modeling chocolate and then brushing them with 100% edible gold powder.

#NOMNOM Perfection.

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7 Nov

23 DIY PET CRAFTS: Happy National Pet Awareness Month!


She’s working on it.

Time for this little poochie and all the pets of the world to milk this moment and let us bi-peds do a little more to show them just how much they’re appreciated. SMPCRAFT scoured the web to find DIY pet projects and crafts (cat, rabbit, and dog treats, too!) to honor our furry, feathered, scaled, and slithering loved ones.

Diy dog or cat bed

Upcycled Side Table Dog or Cat Bed via Better Homes and Gardens

Crocheted Cat Bed via Eilentein

Bird Cage Cover via Martha Stewart

Gumball Machine Fish Tank via Instructables

Styrofoam Turtle Dock via Instructables

DIY Pet Teepee via Barkpost

Diy two story cardboard cat climber

Cardboard Cat Castle via Hautenature

DIY Catscraper Scratching Post via maisonkuotidien

Fake Tree Branch for Your Reptile via Instructables

DIY Wood Hamster Swing via Petdiys

The Magic Cat Wand via designsponge

Paracord Braided Chew Toy for Heavy Chewer via lifehacker

Your sweater = Dog Sweater via voknits

Fleece Dog Boots via romprescue

Dog Bow Tie via Barkpost

Goose – Horse Hat via Nordic Mart

Bunny Basket via Martha Stewart

Sweet Potato Dog Treats via 17apart

Salmon Crunchies Cat Treats via mywoodenspoon

Dog Friendly Meatloaf via Cesar’s Way

Homemade dog treats

Apple Cinnamon Pupcakes for Dogs via diynetwork

Nutty Bacon Dog Treats via Dog Hill Kitchen

Vacation Pet Tag via Martha Stewart

Vacation Pet Tag via Martha Stewart


Time to start crafting and cooking for our favorite companions!

National Pet Awareness Month: we got this.

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15 Oct

CAUGHT CRAFTING: Spotlight on NYC Crafting


Thursday 10/15, Flatiron Building, Manhattan: Edible Craft! CARRY ON chocolate buttermilk olive oil cake with sour cherry filling baked by @sandwichsrprise. Rainbow Rowell’s CARRY ON hits #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

FullSizeRender (1)

Tuesday 10/6, The Powerhouse Arena, DUMBO, Brooklyn, Rainbow Rowell’s CARRY ON Launch Party, Patchwork Sweater of Simon and Baz.

CaughtCraftingCarryOnRainbowSweater IMG_2729

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CAUGHT CRAFTING: SMPCraft’s Spotlight on NYC Crafting

SMPCRAFT #CAUGHTCRAFTING Thursday morning, Astoria, Queens. Accessorizing with a lovely temporary floral tattoo she learned to make from DIY Temporary Tattoos: Draw It, Print It, Ink It by Pepper Baldwin!



Father's Day is less than three weeks away -- Sunday, June 19th in the U.S. -- just enough time to start prepping for what would make dear old pops feel loved....What dad, what MAN, wouldn't want to get a bright red tool box full of homemade BBQ, bacon, and chili flavored chocolate? Or a handmade Paracord hammock? Does he play golf?--hand dipped tees? Does he like to hike? Enjoy nature and the great outdoors? How about homemade beef jerky? Or does he enjoy watching sports--Remote Control Cookie? What about beer? One of the coolest new items coming out of Japan is a Frozen Beer Slushy Maker by Kirin Ichiban that perfectly pairs with the DIY black and tan soap! Scroll and click for more homemade DIY Father's Day gift ideas sure to make pappy happy! Hashtag #SMPCRAFT #DIYFATHERSDAY!

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